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Vampire AU AU Blaze Amdist the Wildflowers
There was a man. A bit taller than Toothless to Hiccup he was a shadow in the morning dawn. A hand grabbed his Noah was pulling him away. They hadn’t paused very long, but the older man had a familiar look about him. There was sadness and even regret, but the deep air of trauma was missing. This was an everyday sort of tragedy “What was that your Ex or something?”
    Noah tensed and he knew he was at least close ‘Wait, really?’ okay now that he totally wanted to be nosy about. “Does he have a name? You know a basic description so I don’t foul up your avoiding him?” after a long pause he answered “Ezekiel.” Hiccup gave a questioning look ‘Stalling?’
    “Does anyone actually call him that?” Noah shrugged. Luckily a noteworthy distraction… “…and he said, “what’cha lookin’ for?”” ran straight into Hiccup while she wasn
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Vampire AU AU Parental Nightmare
‘I really hope he doesn’t ask where I got his address from.’ Jack hadn’t come up with a good lie for that yet. This was not what he wanted his next meeting with Hiccup to be ‘Your goddamn twins have been talking to some Hiccup Halibut. Do something before this mess gets any bigger.’ He was honestly lucky Doom stuck out his neck out this far ‘Little Cutie must have made one hell of an impression.’ Within the Haddock house their were two no two heartbeats. ‘That’s a nice strong pulse you’ve got there Mr. Haddock.’ Yeah that’s a compliment that tended to go over well ‘…A~and we have Hiccup. Second floor, fast asleep.’ Jack floated to the boy’s window and opened the unlocked window. The last thing he was expecting was a sudden heavy impact to the skull the moment he came in. The minute he was on the floor there was a dagger to his heart and a lit flamethrower in his face. “Why
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Vampire AU AU Playing in Traffic
“I’m starving!” he turned to the “alleged vampire” “Don’t pretend you aren’t!” Hookfang shot him a look of amused disbelief “I ate while you were sleeping. If you’re hungry either learn how to hunt or go home. Go to that uncle you keep muttering about.” Snotlout glared death at him. “That door, my last door closed about a year ago. I’m under serious threat of going to one of those “troubled teen” camps. My uncle’s talked him down from it more than once, but it’s been a nearer miss each time and recent events haven’t been kind to him. I do not want to be psychologically or even physically abused in some desert in Utah by an idiot with less training than my Boy Scout troop leader! Do you know how many people die in those things!?”
         Snotlout was panting like he ran a marathon clearly distressed maybe even on t
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HTTYD AU: Square peg, Round hole
“The arena will need to be reinforced.” Gobber gave his chief an indulging look “I see. Afraid the Zippleback will get out whatever hole the wee beasty crawled through?” Stoick threw up his hands “That’s just it Gobber we’ve no idea how it got out. The last thing we need is more dragons.” “Actually I’m pretty sure we need a new Terrible Terror. Now don’t you have an expedition to plan? A son to talk to?” Stoick surrendered for the moment. He wasn’t looking forward to that last part. Talking to Hiccup had always been like they might as well have been having the conversation in two different languages and he did not speak Hiccup. Not well at least. Never mind he’d been giving him these looks since the night before.
         He entered his home that night to the sound of some rather creative curses and Hiccup on the ground. “Dad!” he got up and set out a
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A Turducken of Questions
Why phone? Why do hate me?’ removing the pillow from his head the sun came into view ‘Conspiring with bright lights I see.’ “Hello?” still half buried in covers it sounded more like ‘helphulf’ “Hiccup? We’re going to the library today? Is your head alright?” Hiccup scoffed “I’m not that asleep! Was that today? What is today?” “Sunday.” ‘Apparently our library is opened Sundays. Do libraries do that?’ Hiccup yawned “Okay Toothless I’ll see you in… what time is it?” Noah chuckled “Now or when we leave? The answer to both is five minutes ago, but that was flexible to begin with so if you could let me in?” Hiccup jumped from the bed and rushed down stairs and all, but ripped his front door open. Noah glanced to his side having not even put away his phone them smiled warmly “You know you’re in your boxers right?” the cussing that
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This... this is Berk?
“This… this is Berk?” the warcries, the dragon roars, the sounds, and sights, and smells were all familiar to him: A Dragon Raid. Where were their dragons? Looking all around his hands made contact with something metal and wood. “I’ve… had this nightmare before.” His voice was one of utter confusion his need to know the hows and whys of things overriding the immense foreboding building under the surface. His bola launcher and the monstrous nightmare that destroyed it. Fully engulfed in flames no less. Hiccup smiled fondly at the dragon approaching with respect and putting his hand. The dragon doused itself unusually fast. Hiccup looked it over in disbelief “Hookfang?”
         He heard shouts growing closer, not much time. “Find Toothless or else meet me in the Cove. Now go!” he likewise ran off in the direction he first found his other half. “HICCUP!” he heard his fath
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Vampire AU AU Lake Haunting
“Why couldn’t it be the Twins? Any twins? I’d settle for the Olsen twins right now?” Hiccup was so scared he’d stopped making sense. He was also soaking wet. It was real! The Doomfang was real! ‘And I’m pretty sure we pissed him or her… or hir off.’ He clung to Toothless shaking the unconscious man fervently ‘Please. Please don’t have a concussion’ that was the last thing they needed. They couldn’t even escape like this not that they’d be much better off if Noah was awake. ‘How does one escape a subterranean cavern beneath a lake?’ “Please stop this. We don’t want to hurt you.” He held out a stake in the form Toothless had taught him just in case.
         “That’s your first problem kid.” The voice came from above him “he” was there perched on the rock they’d taken cover behind “You assume I d
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Vampire AU AU Stranger Danger
“So can vampires eat dogs?” Hiccup asked sincerely curious. Hookfang stood there considering the dog “I don’t think we can’t not eat them?” He put the dog down “Not sure. I was Loud not too long ago. Figured it was worth a shot.” “Loud?” Hiccup asked and in answer Hookfang simply tapped the left side of his chest. Noah grimaced “So that would make you “Quiet” now?” he fought to keep his tone even. Hookfang read his distress as disgust and took offence “You haven’t changed.” It sounded more like a condemnation than an insult. “You here for your nightly ‘fun’.” Hookfang spat looking Noah up and down. Toothless realized he was being searched for weapons and raised his hands up in a pacifying gesture “Honestly I’m following this little suicidal idiot’s lead-” “Hey!” “-and… take it away Hiccup.”
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Vampire AU AU All Tied up in Knotts
‘I have pissed off at least one deity.’ Somehow or another Hiccup was now tied up and at the mercy of the vampire he had a crush on. “There’s a Twilight joke in here somewhere.” Hiccup deadpanned. “And I’ll thank you not to make it.” suddenly the annoyed smirk Jack sported turned smug “Wait, so does that mean you’re hopelessly in love with me?” Hiccup scowled “Actually, I was calling you a creep.” Jack scowled right back “Whatever, cutie. Are you going to answer my question or not?” Hiccup looked a bit incredulous “Wait. That was a serious question? Is sparing someone really that weird? Is bite/stake repeat until your dead-dead the only thing that goes on here!?” at some point he’d begun shouting. Jack not impressed simply snorted “Of course not, Cutie. It is way way more complicated then that. Naturally. I asked about why you spared me.” H
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Vampire AU AU This Small Town
“Jesus Christ, Hiccup! You look like Dad on Christmas!” the older boy ran up behind him and slapped his back way to hard on maybe purpose. Hiccup stumbled a little, but managed to keep walking “Passed out on the couch?” Hiccup was the one of the few who’d make light of Dagur or his unique holiday problems. Dagur started fights with other people who did it, but when it was Hiccup he laughed. “He’s already planning things isn’t he?” the smaller boy asked. Dagur spun a grin splitting his face and began walking backwards “No, planning started in July. Thanksgiving planning started in May.” His tone was light and teasing, but knowing Ozzie Amity’s devotion to charity he was probably telling the truth.
    Hiccup laughed along regardless “Well there might be someone new to join us at the Eleanor this year.” Dagur frowned raising an eyebrow “Someone new?” He tried not to sound t
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Vampire AU AU Out for a Wind Walk
‘Stupid Hiccup and his stupid puppy-dog eyes.’ Noah wasn’t happy not at all. But he promised Hiccup they’d try things his way and Noah damn well knew if he refused to come along Hiccup would just go out and do this on his own and get hurt. ‘The only other alternative is walking up to his dad and going “Hi I know we’ve never met, but I’m the guy who’s been hanging around abandoned places in the middle of the night with your underage son can you please help me protect him from vampires?” If I’m lucky I’ll be locked in a padded cell and not put on the sex offender list and arrested.’
         Never mind he hadn’t done anything, but people get weird when it comes to adults hanging out with kids. ‘I probably should have taken this into account when choosing someone eight years my junior as a hunting partner.’ Though tonight at least they weren’
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Vampire AU AU: An Accomplice
‘Here goes nothing.’ Hiccup gulped. “So I ran into the twins today…”
Noah whirled on a dime and began manually checking Hiccup over for injuries “What happened? Are you hurt? What did they do to-”
“Whoa, Toothless slow down nothing happened and I’m fine!”
The older boy stopped dead and just look at Hiccup “‘nothing happened’? I know it was the twins, but they aren’t that incompetent!”
Hiccup sighed ‘Will he even believe me’. There was only one way to find out “They did attack at first and I dodged, but pretty quick in I don’t really remember honestly. Um, I think I apologized for tricking Ruffnut- Now I remember I said I ‘preferred my blood where it was’ and they were all ‘Then why are you hunting’ and I explained what actually happened that night and we just started talking.”
“Talking?” Toothless said thunderstruck “Pu
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Vampire AU AU: Talk Nutts
‘Where’s Noah when you need him!’ Hiccup thought desperately as he dodged frantically. Caught by the Thorston Twins ‘Nope not dying like this too embarrassing.’ He called out to the girl Ruffnut “I’m really sorry about earlier. It’s just I really like my blood where it is ya know.” She smiled and the twins stopped they’re attacks for the moment while Hiccup panted. “Okay, if you wanted that why become a vampire hunter?” her bother asked. Hiccup was relieved talking he could talk all day fighting not so much “I’ve been meaning to clear that up. I actually wasn’t a hunter let alone Toothless’ partner when we first met.” The twins glanced at each other confused and Ruff called out “Nice try! No one just excepts vampires are real just like that doesn’t happen and the way you too worked together…” she trailed off as Hiccup started to laugh. “I’m so
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There was a man. A bit taller than Toothless to Hiccup he was a shadow in the morning dawn. A hand grabbed his Noah was pulling him away. They hadn’t paused very long, but the older man had a familiar look about him. There was sadness and even regret, but the deep air of trauma was missing. This was an everyday sort of tragedy “What was that your Ex or something?”

    Noah tensed and he knew he was at least close ‘Wait, really?’ okay now that he totally wanted to be nosy about. “Does he have a name? You know a basic description so I don’t foul up your avoiding him?” after a long pause he answered “Ezekiel.” Hiccup gave a questioning look ‘Stalling?’

    “Does anyone actually call him that?” Noah shrugged. Luckily a noteworthy distraction… “…and he said, “what’cha lookin’ for?”” ran straight into Hiccup while she wasn’t paying attention.

    “Oh my gosh! Are you Okay?” She would have been plenty distracting on her own had they actually seen her coming. “I’m fine.” He grabbed hold of the nearest thing to pull himself up.

    “Ow. Um, you sure? Cause that’s my hair your grabbing.” she was good-natured even perky about the whole thing. He dropped her braid “Oh, jeez sorry I-holly mother of marigolds.” and then almost immediately began admiring it. ‘Hiccup likes long hair?’ Noah looked to his own rather long hair.

    “Are those flowers real? How long must this take? French braid from hell and it still goes past your waist I mean… how can you still even move?” Hiccup then realized he was touching the braid again and promptly dropped it.

         Toothless sighed, “I’m Noah and this is Hiccup: apparent hair enthusiast.” While the boy glared death at his partner the woman giggled, “Call me Cori. Now as fun as this is, shouldn’t you be in school soon?” Hiccup ran off like a shot.

    Cori watched his disappearing silhouette, a might perplexed “Doesn’t the high school actually start after the sun rises?” Noah eyed the brunette “Your purse is moving.” He didn’t actually ask if there were bats in it

    “So it is. Pascal is kind of a rascal.” She did however answer the question he did ask honestly and amicably “Do you know Aster?” she nodded “Yes. I love his work and what he’s done with the property… it was such a sad story. He really made it into something beautiful. That’s where I get some of my flowers from, but what’s really amazing are Berk’s night flowers!”

    Toothless gave her a curious look “Those you won’t find just anywhere. They love old abandoned places or even around caves. Places the sunlight doesn’t touch. And when night falls they open up and the red fireflies dance and…” she pulled a closed blossom from her hair “here.”

    She said nothing more to him, just put her earphones back on and, “She said, “I want something that I want; something that I tell myself I need…””

    He watched the singing brunette retreat for a bit till he felt something wet on his hand. ‘Blood.’ There was blood on a petal of the flower ‘Was she…? No, the flower is bleeding.’ He was fairly certain flowers weren’t supposed to do that.

         “This. Is. Amazing!” Hiccup was absolutely enraptured with the flower “Is this blood? I mean obviously, it’s not, but…” he may have gotten his hands on one of those little ‘is this human blood?’ tests from all the cop shows to the external mystification of all.

    “This flower is bleeding human blood, how does this even?” he was completely spellbound the implications were staggering.

    If this could in any way sustain a vampire, then with a little work their blood problem could be solved without leaning on the already overburdened blood bank system.

    “We need, I don’t know a botanist? She said this was local right? Maybe Park Services really is part of a vampire conspiracy?” that was what they needed to follow up on later Zippleback Ridge.

    For now, however Toothless needed to swallow his pride “I know a guy.” Hiccup looked at him “Oh? And why does this guy make it sound like you’d rather eat live worms then talk to him?”

    “He’s my Ex.” Noah whined. “Really, Mate? You sound like you’re about to face a firing squad. Am I that bad?” ‘Holy… okay not my type, but way to go Toothless! Also, did that guy just say “Mate”?’

    Indeed, he did. In a town other than Berk the man would have been rather tall, he had dark skin though not quite like say, Toothless, light hair like Hiccup had never quite seen, he had the same symbol tattooed on his forehead and shoulders. “I…uh…”

    “Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the third, yes really.” He offered a hand to the man.

    The apparent Aussie shrugged and took it “And you would be?” Hic smiled “Toothless’ partner.” Noah tensed and the man looked to him for answers “He’s a…?”

    Noah sighed keeping his expression neutral it was still obvious he didn’t want to be having this conversation “No, researcher. Hiccup this B-Aster Mund.” Aster gave a cocky smirk “Most folks call me Bunny.” He said like that were the manliest nickname in the history of forever and really more power to him

    “Or you could call him Ezekiel which is his actual first name.” Noah said in that same indifferent tone from before, but now there was a hint of a tease in it “Hey Now! I don’t go telling random people your s-tuff” he corrected himself mid-word then looked even more embarrassed when the fourteen year old gave him a ‘are you censoring yourself on my account?’ sort of look.

    Bunny cleared his throat “You still aren’t coming back I’m guessing?” the air turned terribly tense

    “Nope.” Noah popped the P.

    After about a minute or so of a tense silence Hiccup said, “So do you know anything about this?” holding up the flower.

     Aster chewed his lip in an angry fashion “Where’d you go and find this?” “A girl calling herself Cori gave it to me.” Because she’d never said it was her name. “Right, nice girl. Though she might be a vampire.” He sighed, “I really hope not. Last thing we need is real live day walking to be a thing.”

    “You don’t mean like every other vampire with there raincoats and parka and umbrellas do you?” Hiccup asked much to Bun’s surprise “What’d you say you did again?” “Research.” “As opposed to hunting?” “Violence isn’t really my thing.” “So you’re having light conversation with the vampires?” “Oh no sometimes the topics get pretty serious.”

    With that Aster turned to his fellow hunter “You’re still trying to save them, aren’t you?” everything in Noah tensed immediately in so many emotions but then Hiccup just “Save? The vampires? From what? The sun? I think they have a handle on that.” And yes, he did have a sinking feeling what Aster might be getting at, but playing innocent seemed the best route.

    Luckily it was as Bunny realized fully what he’d just implied and backed down “It’s got a lot of names. My Aunt used to call them Queens of the Night, but most people call them Blood Blossom for obvious reasons. They only grow places vampires live or at least frequent so obviously, it’s not in any book.” He idly examined the flower before him

    “I saw Frost chewing on one once when I was a child. Odd since vampires aren’t supposed to eat.” Yes it was but Hiccup focused in on something else “You knew Jack from that far back?” Aster looked at him funny “He’s three hundred kid. Not that I knew what he was.” He seemed for a minute to go somewhere else entirely until he remembered they were having a conversation “You need anything else?”

    Hiccup had been thinking about it and decided this guy was probably more like Doomfang than Windwalker. He aired on the side of caution “If I think of anything, I’m sure I can find you.” And with that Bunny left.

    “So… that happened?” Toothless caved with a sigh, “I was at least nominally part of a troop of hunters, one he is still a part of. We… haven’t spoken in a long time. Bunny isn’t wholly unbending; the camp has a vampire counted among it’s members. He hates vampires and by god he’s got his reasons. The help you’re looking for, it’s not Bunny.”

    They walked in silence for awhile yet they did need to make it to Zippleback Ridge.

    “Okay I give up. What are you thinking about so hard?” he did seem to be rather hung up on something “You said Bunny hated vampires, okay I believe you, the way he spoke about Jack kind of suggests it’s I don’t know… more complicated than that?”

    “Well, Yeah.” The two practically jumped out of their skins ‘That’s it, all vampire are ninja!’ “You guys okay?”

    Toothless finally remembered to breath “We were coming to see you two.” That got their attention “How?” the question wasn’t tough to guess “Oh, you know Zippleback Ridge, Zippleback Twins we figured it might be some wacky coincidence.”

    Both Barf and Belch laughed at that “Well then come on!” Belch ran out ahead “We don’t get too much company ‘sept maybe the guys!” Barf pulled them both along.

    They didn’t end up in at their home, but rather their playground. “Yeah this looks pretty “unstable” to me!” so sue him Noah liked explosions and this place had some stories to tell!

    Hiccup was doing some marveling of his own “What did you even make all this with?” and the vampires just lit up going on and on about “Zippleback Gas” this and “Monstrous Nightmare Slime” that “And you gave that to Hookfang?!” Noah suddenly felt a lot less good about his chances “And Fireworm, enough for her birds too!”

    Hiccup groaned “Is my cousin going to catch fire next time I see him?” they looked at him funny “Since when are Hooky and Fai your cousins?” Barf wondered in turn “Unless he’s claiming kinship to the birds?” both were quick to dismiss the idea.

    “I meant Snotlout actually.” That got their attention “New kid’s related to the hunter chief?” “He certainly didn’t mention it.”

    “Would you?” Noah interrupted “Putting aside you knowing who the chief is a second. Neither of these two knew until a few days ago. Though if you did I’m guessing any other vampire who happened to ask him his uncles name figured it out.” ‘Might even be part of the reason he was sent to spy on the kids?’

    “Maybe?” “Whatever. You guys want to blow stuff up?” Toothless and Hiccup exchanged looks, Yes. Yes, they did.


Vampire AU AU Blaze Amdist the Wildflowers

So this has been sitting around; getting some serious rewrites and editing, but mostly collecting hard drive dust. Still it was one of my favorite so it's going up... did I post the one where Snotlout meets back up with- doesn't matter, this may be slightly out of order.

Still I'm happy to introduce some new characters. My Bunny and Shadow's are a bit different. I'm hoping to get back on this again and hopefully we'll see more of him. Might not see him or our singing friend for awhile though. Anyone care to guess who she is? :3

Oh yes, for anyone starting in the middle for whatever reason:  shadowpiratemonkey7.deviantart…
The orginal idea was her's, from her webcomic "Vampire Hunter" which is goddamn adorable^


i don't even know you guys!
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